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KENWOOD's TK-7302HV/8302HU delivers reliable mobile performance with extra wideband coverage (UHF: 70MHz) and such features as QT/DQT signaling, multiple scan functions and a voice inversion scrambler.

Product Overview

KENWOOD's TK-7302HV/8302HU includes:

  • Standard Microphone (KMC-65M)
  • Mounting Bracket • DC Cable
  • 15A Fuse
  • Instruction Manual
  • Standard Warranty: 2 Years*
  • 16 Channels, 2 Zones

The TK-7302HV/8302HU offers multiple channels and radio systems: 16 channels and 2 zones. And once it is programmed, users can select specific channels within a set range.

Enhanced KENWOOD Audio

The TK-7302HV/8302HU specially engineered for transceivers and with frequency response optimized for the human voice it is undeniably clearer and crisper.

External D-SUB 15-PIN Interface

It can be used for Ignition sense, External Switch, Horn Alert, and External Mic, among others. A Molex interface is also available with the optional KCT-60M cable

Programmable Voice Inversion Scrambler

The built-in programmable voice inversion scrambler provides basic protection against casual eavesdropping. It is possible to have a unique scrambler setting for each channel by picking the voice inversion frequency from one of 16 tables.

Emergency Alert

For hazardous/hostile duty environments, a PF key can be programmed for emergency use to alert the dispatcher or other group members via DTMF, FleetSync® or MDC-1200 signaling.


  • 50 W (136-174 MHz) Model
  • 45 W (450-520 MHz) Model
  • Conventional Zones
  • 16 Channels / 2 Zones
  • Single Priority Scan
  • Single / Multi-Zone Scan
  • 2-Digit LED Channel Display
  • Function/Status LED Dots
  • Blue Function/Status LED
  • Transmit /Busy / Call Alert LED
  • Backlit Keys
  • 9 Programmable Function Keys
  • Emergency / AUX Key
  • Front Panel Speaker
  • Companded Audio
  • Voice CH# Announcement (8 Languages)
  • Voice Inversion Scrambler Built-in
  • 16 Scrambler Codes (per CH)
  • Encryption Board Control
  • Emergency Call Features
  • Lone Worker Alert
  • QT / DQT
  • Operator Selectable Tone
  • Two-Tone Decode
  • Single & Two-Tone Encode
  • DTMF Encode / Decode
  • Special Alert Tone Patterns
  • Busy Channel Lockout
  • Time Out Timer
  • DB15 Accessory Interface
  • 8 Programmable I/O Ports
  • Ignition Sense
  • Public Address / Horn Alert Output
  • MIL-Spec Standard Mic
  • MIL-Spec 12-Key DTMF Mic Option
  • Windows® Programming & Tuning
  • Cloning • MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G
  • IP-54 Water & Dust Intrusion

FleetSync® /II (FM)

  • PTT ID Digital ANI
  • Selective Call & Group Call
  • Paging Call
  • Status Messaging
  • Emergency Status
  • Input / Output Status Messages
  • FleetSync® GPS Ready
  • Send GPS PF Key
  • PTT ID & Emergency GPS Reporting
  • Ignition On/Off GPS Reporting


  • PTT ID Digital ANI
  • Emergency Status
  • Radio Check
  • Radio Inhibit

Warranty Information

Standard Warranty: 2 Years*


(No reviews yet) Write a Review
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