10 ➕ Reasons to Switch to Mototrbo

Posted by Motorola Solutions on Mar 8th 2021

10 ➕ Reasons to Switch to Mototrbo

10 Ways MOTOTRBO Delivers More

1. Higher Efficiency

Digital technology delivers voice and data in half the bandwidth of analog voice. Sophisticated MOTOTRBO trunking systems give you improved resource-utilization. 

2. Location-Tracking and Man Down

Improve safety and efficiency by monitoring your staff, with precise GPS, Bluetooth indoor location-tracking, and Man Down functionality to locate personnel in need quickly. 

3. Built-In WI-FI

All MOTOTRBO professional radios have Wi-Fi capability. Now you can update your radio software remotely - and that's just the beginning. 

4. Longer Battery Life

Get three shifts from one battery. The efficiency of digital and the latest energy technology delivers up to 20 hours of battery life. 

5. Better Coverage

Digital technology reaches further, with clear speech even in fringe coverage areas. Next-Generation MOTOTRBO's improved sensitivity increases that by another 5-8%.

6. Superb Audio

Communicate clearly, every time. The superior noise-cancellation and sophisticated audio processing features of MOTORBO keep your staff connected. 

7. IMPRES Accessories

From smart battery management to self-optimizing audio devices, Motorola's patented IMPRES accessory technology gives you more use from your radios.

8. Text Messaging

Use the built-in text messaging capabilities of MOTORBO for extra convenience, traceability and accountability.

9. Data and Applications

Leverage and extend your operations-critical voice system for operations-critical data with safety, efficiency and monito applications.

10. Team Communications

Instantly connect staff using mobile devices with MOTOTRBO radios using WAVE Workgroup communications.

5 Ways Two-Way Radios Are Better

1. Coverage

Support a single building, multiple locations or wide area coverage - even in places where mobile phone coverage is nonexistent. 

2. Capacity

Unlike commercial wireless systems, your private MOTOTRBO system can be sized to handle peak usage so calls always get through, even in emergencies. 

3. Cost

Predictable, reasonable capital and operating expenses with no additional airtime or usage fees, unlike mobile phones.

4. Capability

Built-in GPS, telemetry, text and data capability , plus applications for efficient operations, security and safety management. 

5. Control

You determine the system design, priorities, features and operations so that the system is optimized for your needs and challenges.

5 Ways Healthcare Organizations Will Benefit

1. Enhanced Personnel Safety

Automated systems and procedures can help keep staff, clients and members of the public safe day-to-day or during critical events. 

2. Unparalleled Team Collaboration

Connecting team members, no matter where they are, so that they are instantly accessible and interconnected, means they can act as a single, unified group to better serve their patients.

3. More Effective Management

With visibility into real-time information like maintenance schedules, location of people and assets or room availability, managers are better equipped to make better decisions.

4. Better Staff Utilization

Enabling workers to execute everyday tasks faster and more accurately, increases productivity and helps control staffing costs too.

5. Reduced Administrative Time

Replacing pater-based systems with automated processes reduces admin time and the opportunity for errors.